TrackSense Lab Wireless Data Logger - Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor has a temperature range of 0 to +90 °C with an unmatched accuracy of ± 0.1 °C (in range  10 to +90 °C). The sensor has a relative humidity range of 0 to 100% RH and an accuracy of ± 2% RH (calibrated from 10 to 90%). It can be used for applications within the pharmaceutical industry, and is especially ideal to determine humidity levels during the validation of warehouses, stability chambers and EtO sterilization processes.

              Wireless Data Loggers Humidity and Temperature Sensor/ TrackSense® Lab / Ellab

                • LED alarm function
                • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
                • Real-time data with the SKY module
                • User-friendly validation software
                • Usable with the E-Val Pro thermocouple system