Wet Washing Sieves

Wet washing sieves are extremely useful where samples need to be separated with the help of liquids. These sieves are available in 200 mm or 8 inch diameter (4 or 8 inches deep), with brass or stainless steel frames. 

Endecotts supplies wet washing sieves for a wide range of aperture sizes with optional support medium for fine mesh

Wet Washing Sieves / Endecotts

    • Precision frame (ensures consistent nestability)
    • Precise aperture (in accordance with ISO 3310, ASTM or other specifications)
    • Natural fillet (free flowing of sample)
    • Totally sealed (no crevice to lose material)
    • Evenly tensioned mesh (ensures accurate analysis)
    • Safe edge (big radius makes it comfortable to handle)
    • Serial number (ensures full traceability)