Weighing platforms Industry Supreme ISBBP/ISBBS/ISDCP/ISDCS/ISEDE/ISFEG/ISIGG

The robust, high resolution weighing platforms of the Industry Supreme series offer reliable overload protection and are based on monolithic weighing technology with up to 640,000 divisions. Its high resolution guarantees precise measurement results and thus less product loss. An integrated calibration weight adjustment ensures consistent precision

Weighing platforms Industry Supreme / IS / Minebea Intec

  • Weighing platforms Industry Supreme ISBBP/ISBBS/ISDCP/ISDCS/ISEDE/ISFEG/ISIGG 

    ISBBP/ISDCP/ISEDE: industrial grade epoxy resin coating

    ISBBS/ISDCS: brushed stainless steel 1.4301

    ISFEG/ISIGG: galvanised steel

    All platforms have a stainless steel load plate