VTF EVO Digital Thermoregulator

Extremely precise thermoregulation with real time temperature monitoring and Data Logging via wireless directly on the PC.

Vertex Digital Thermoregulators / Velp

  • Driven by innovation

    • Unique Wireless Temperature Data Logging System
    • Bi-directional communication between VTF EVO and PC
    • Thermoregulation management via TEMPSoftTM with set points and working ramps setting
    • Real time temperature monitoring on the computer

    Accurate Control

    • Fuzzy Logic technology for precise thermoregulation
    • Incorporates different features for unsupervised operation and increased productivity(timer and/or threshold value)
    • Automatically adjusts thermoregulation for power, load and thermal dispersion
    • Ensures control accuracy of ± 0.5 °C
    • Thermoregulation range from -10 to 400°C

    Versatile & Practical

    • Ready for immediate use
    • Usable also as a stand-alone
    • Twin clamps for height and horizontal adjustment of position
    • Direct connection to the hot plate stirrers AREX, AREC.X, AREX Digital (PRO version), AREX-6 and AREX-6 Digital (PRO version)
    • Can be combined with the most common hot plate stirrers
    • Also usable with heating devices such as water and oil baths, heating plates, etc.
    • Can be used with AluBlocks™

    Efficient System

    • Easy to use thanks to the TEMPSoftTM
    • Inclined control panel for easy access and visibility