VLT PLC Vacuum Leak Tester

(PLC Model) (Air and watertight test box: vacuum test)

Tests on :

Bottles: Glass or PET and Preforms

Caps: Aluminium, other metal, plastic

Cans: Aluminium, others

Pots: caps, film, blisters, etc.

Vacuum Leak Tester / VLT PLC /AT2E

    • Vacuumadjustable up to- 999mbpressureup to 1 bar
    • Box with dimensions upon request
    • Box made of polished transparent PMMA(very rugged)
    • Easy to use and safe by a touch screen PLC Control Panel
    • Dynamic display: Testing status / Date and time
    • Display: Product name / Operator / Lot No. / Sample No.
    • User-defined test cycle (up to 16 modes). Pre-define up to 4 steps of each test. Vacuum level and holding time adjustable
    • For each step. Satisfies different kinds of testing request Easy operation, only to select the pre-defined mode for starting a test no need to set the parameters every time 
    • 10 operators and 30 products memorizable
    • Lot No. and Sample No. editable
    • Review of the testing curve
    • RS 232 C output
    • Accuracy: 0.5% of the measure
    • Delivered with a high-performance vacuum pump
    • Runs with6 barnetwork 
    • Quick and easy verification and calibration