Concentrates and cleaning solutions - developed by Elma

The Elma Luxury Clean cleaning concept in combination with Elmasonic cleaning devices and Elmasolvex watch cleaning units guarantees top-quality cleaning results and ensures the longevity of the materials.

Elma Luxury Clean is the suitable and especially developed product range of cleaning agent for watch and clockwork cleaning as well as for jewellery cleaning. If for cleaning or for brightening - Elma Luxury Clean cleaning agents are productive ready for different cleaning tasks and materials. From non-aqueous to aqueous rinsing and cleaning solutions to lubricants - Elma Luxury Clean is available in different package sizes. 

Cleaning Solution for Watches and Jewellery / Elma

    • Cleaning Agents for Watches
    • Modern watch movements are complex, highly engineered and include high-quality materials. Watches are like little works of art, and in order to keep them in time and prevent early wear they must be cleaned thoroughly during servicing and in production.
    • Common contaminants include gummed oils and grease. Solid particles such as adhesive, polishing paste, paint flakes, dust particles or any other types of abrasion in any grain size must be removed the watch movement is serviced.


    • Cleaning Agents for Jewellery
    • Ultrasonic cleaning plays an essential role in jewellery creation and manufacturing, and different types of materials and contaminants call for the right detergents.
    • Our range of cleaning agents ensures both intensive cleaning and optical brightening of precious metals.