Elmasonic X-tra line Flex 2

Compact ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing with oscillation.

The compact Elmasonic X-tra Line Flex 2 small machine is ideally suitable for cleaning in the workshop area and for reconditioning cleaning. The Flex 2 unit enables multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning in the first bath and the rinsing in the second bath. An additional shower increases the scavenging efficiency.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Sonicator / X-tra line Flex 2/ Elma

    • A plug-in precleaning unit provides the possibility to use an Elmasteam steam cleaner.
    • Just like Elmasonic X-tra Line Flex 1, five user-defined programs and the Sweep, Pulse and Degas functions are available.
    • Thus, manual cleaning is possible efficiently and conveniently in even the most cramped space