Vivaspin® Turbo 15 Ultrafiltration Unit

15 ml - 100 µl ultrafiltration unit with twin vertical membranes and sleek internal design for the fastest sample concentration with the highest recoveries. The pipette friendly dead stop pocket eliminates the risk of sample filtration to dryness and facilitates the recovery of the concentrate. 


Vivaspin® Turbo 15 can handle up to 15 ml sample volume in swing bucket rotors and 11ml in fixed angle rotors accepting 50 ml centrifuge tubes.

The Vivaspin®Turbo 15 optimized design, the sleek internal profile, ensures maximum process speeds right the way down to the last few microlitres after > 100 fold concentration.

The UV joining technology allows for a smooth joint transition between membrane and plastic housing, allowing the collection of the complete concentrated sample into the unique pipette friendly dead stop pocket.

Ultrafiltration Unit / Vivaspin® Turbo 15 / Sartorius

    • Sleek internal design as well as large vertical twin membranes for ultra-fast concentration
    • High retentate recovery > 95 % 
    • pH 1-14 suited polystyrene housing with high chemical compatibility
    • The high flux PES membrane
    • Universal rotor compatibility
    • Safe sample concentration and easy recovery due to unique, angular and pipette friendly dead-stop pocket
    • Volume graduation for easy detection/monitoring of the concentrate volume
    • > 100-fold concentration with twin vertical membranes