arium® advance EDI pure water systems

First-class Type 2 water: The arium® advance EDI Type 2 water system features the highest ion retention at rates of up to 10 l/h. Directly connected to your portable feed water source, this system consistently delivers pure water of the highest quality with a resistivity of 5 to 15 MΩ·cm. Its proprietary, patented electrodeionization technology (EDI), combined with its intelligent iJust software, optimizes your water usage and ensures time- and labor-saving operation.

Type 2 Pure Water Systems/ arium® advance EDI / Sartorius

    • The highest Type 2 water quality at all times
    • Optimized, lean and green water usage
    • Guaranteed longer life of downstream ultrapure water systems
    • Total ease of use
    • High system flexibility to meet your specific needs