Tumble Dryer is designed and constructed in accordance with the requirement of the Encapsulation machine line production. It has purpose for fast and quick dry of soft gelatin capsule produced from Encapsulation machine line.
It provides simple oreration for user friendly and It can be linked up with any number of tumble dryer unit as many as User’s reuirement.

Tumble Dryer / TD-62 / Cube Gel

  • LIST
    MODEL TD-62
    OB20/34,400capsules (Depending on product condition and requirement)
    Size of Basket
    Size Ø630Ⅹ900mm (Outer Diameter) /Weight:Approx.30kg
    Linked-up with main machine or separated volume type control (Option)
    Air quantity
    35CMM / 1,236CFM
    1,150(L) Ⅹ900(W) Ⅹ1,100(H)mm(per on set)/Approx.400kg
    3phase, 380V, 50/60Hz