TCT – 2 – Traction and Compression Tester (Universal Tester)

AT2E TCT-2 measure the resistance to tear or top load force (traction or compression) for all kind of packaging. Sample installed on the support and the force is raised in tear or top load direction gradually. The distance between the gauge and the support plate and column can be adjusted on request. The sample will be compressed or tore until the maximum force or respecting the settings of testing distance. The value is read on the touch screen and a report is printed.


TCT-2 complies with the ISBT voluntary standard test methods for PET bottles. With the user-defined test cycles, it can be widely compatible for any in-house standards from customers on different test requests.

    Traction and Compression Tester / TCT – 2 /AT2E

      • Perfectly parallel plates
      • Automatic record of the force
      • Touch screen display
      • Predefined the testing distance and testing speed
      • Available for both compression (top load) test the traction (pull) test
      • User-defined test cycle (up to 4 steps of force and holding time) satisfies different test request
      • The memory of 30 products, 10 operators, batch number, sample number ( all by password )
      • Easy installation of samples.
      • Displays all the information during the cycle: time, setting, operator, product, batch NO., Sample NO., value
      • Reviews the real-time testing curve
      • RS232 outputs
      • Stainless steel design ensures the durability of the tester
      • Overload protected
      • Safety design