Minisart® with PP Housing

Elimination of particles from your samples prior to HPLC or other chromatographic analysis is essential in order to maintain the integrity of your chromatography column and to maximize its operating lifetime. Minisart® syringe filters optimized for sample preparation consist of a polypropylene (PP) housing and membrane components featuring maximum chemical compatibility and minimum extractables to ensure excellent results. Due to the typical range of volumes from less than 1 ml to 100 ml these filters are available in three different diameters with an effective filtration area of 0.12 cm², 1.7 cm² and 4.8 cm²

Particle removal via filtration prior to analytics substantially increases the lifetime of your columns. Minisart® RC is optimized for aqueous liquids as well as solvents and is stable against DMSO, other amides, ketones, esters, and others. Minisart® NY is exceptionally pure compared to another common polyamide (=nylon) filters and competitor products. For these products, raw materials are used which do not interfere with standard analytical methods. Our coating-free hydrophobic PTFE membrane used in Minisart® SRP is suitable for venting applications as well as the leachable free clarification of very harsh chemicals. In addition, Minisart® PES offers a combination of hydrophilic PES membrane and PP housing and has higher chemical compatibility than PES in MBS housing. This makes it suitable for LC-MS sample preparation with methanol contents up to 20%. Furthermore, the hydrophobic PES membrane of Minisart® PES- filters are assembled in a gamma-sterilizable PP housing which makes these new venting filters suitable for assembly and gamma sterilization by the user.   

Syringe Filter / Minisart® with PP Housing / Sartorius

    • Maximum chemical compatibility
    • Minimum extractable or leachables
    • Low adsorption of analytes
    • 100% optical integrity test