Stereo microscope for inspecting diamonds and gemstones KSW4000

Precision optics for professional gemology

The stereomicroscopes of the KSW4000 series are ideal for testing diamonds and color stones. Under the microscope, you can define the quality of the diamond. Color, clarity, cut and the carat weight can be determined. The magnification factor is 10x and 30x and can be optionally increased to 20x and 60x by using another eyepiece pair. The robust metal housing facilitates reliable work even in harsh environments.

Stereo microscopes / KSW5000 / Kruess

    • Special equipment for testing diamonds and colored stones
    • Robust metal housing
    • Including darkfield condenser, objective nosepiece and stone pincers
    • Magnifications 10x and 30x, optionally expandable to 20x and 60x
    • Energy saving and durable LED lighting
    • odels with cuvette and cuvette table, polariser and built-in cold light source available
    • Models with cold light source incl. light guide or 12 V 10 W incident and transmitted light available
    • Extension with two-arm optical conductor possible


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