Steam jet cleaning with 4.5 bar

With 4.5 bar steam pressure even sensitive parts are safely and effectively cleaned, as the steam is free of any chemicals and due to its high temperature contaminations are easily removed. The steam contains more water and thus melts and removes easily hardened fats, oils or waxes from the parts.

In the field of watches and jewellery, Elmasteam 4.5 basic is suited to clean worn and mounted jewellery as well as watch straps, jewellery chains and rings - also with set stones. In industry and workshop, Elmasteam 4.5 basic is used to clean engine parts, tools and components during the overhaul. Dental prostheses are steam-cleaned during the individual production steps in dental laboratories

Steam jet / Elmadry TD / Elma

    • 4.5 bar steam pressure with long steam availability due to strong heating power
    • Available with fixed nozzle or flexible hand piece (with 1.3 m hose)
    • Easy filling with water:
      - Manually via the integrated filling funnel
      - Automatically with devices with integrated pump (optionally)
    • Indirect heating with short heating time (ca. 30 min. / max. filling volume)
    • Robust and long-lasting pressure tank made of special material
    • High user safety (confirmed by TÜV type test acc. to DIN EN 61010-1)