SoftGroup® SaTT Line Controller

SoftGroup® SaTT Line Controller is a software installed on a serialization machine, which controls the process of printing and verifying process of the printed templates with and without serialization for each batch.

SoftGroup® SaTT Line Controller / SoftGroup

    • Handle serialized and non-serialized items
    • Import batch data and serial numbers
    • Guarantees serial number uniqueness at each printed serialized barcodes (1D or 2D)
    • Rework functionality is produced – possibility to decommission the serial number with the respective reason
    • Provide different kind of reports
    • Includes automated backups, data consolidation and synchronization with Site Level
    • Unlimited number of users are supported
    • The system rejects an unaccepted during verification process carton with respective reason
    • The system is reporting all alarms of the devices (camera, printer, PLC etc.)
    • Displaying on the operating screen an information about status of devices, batch information; statistics and reports
      GS1 standard code and Annex 11 compatible