A machine with interior self-control of humidity and temperature, model GENESYS NH-015, is a fully automatic machine for producing soft capsules. This machine is designed as an enclosed type machine with special enclosed-type tumble dryer. A small air conditioner is directly connected to the main machine and tumble dryer, to control the humidity & temperature inside them and to save the cost. Also, the air blower for transferring soft capsules to tumble dryers is built-in type, reducing the operational noise. The machine’s PLC touch-screen monitor provides an effective production management.



Machine with interior self-control of humidity &temp / GENESYS NH-015 / Cube Gel

  • LIST
    Capsule Shape / Size
    Round, Oval, Oblong, etc
    Type of Soft Capsule
    Vegetable, Gelatin
    Die Roll Size
    Ø150 x 290mm
    Power Consumption
    Approx. 13kW
    Air Pressure
    6kg f/㎡
    Touch Screen / PLC
    Dimensions / Weight (Approx.)
    2,700(L) x 1,500(W) x 2,800(H)mm / 2,300kg
    380V, 3Phase, 50/60 HZ