Single-Use Production Platform of the Future

Run automated, intensified, predictive processes with BIOSTAT STR®.  Ranging from 12.5 L to 2000 L, each bioreactor has a fully scalable, stirred-tank design and offers high performance across a range of processes including high-cell density, microcarrier and perfusion. Flexsafe STR® bags ensure excellent cell growth and robustness combined with single-use, non-invasive sensors for pH, DO, viable biomass monitoring and online glucose and lactate measurement.

Single-Use Bioreactors / BIOSTAT STR® / Sartorious

    • Intensified Processing The BIOSTAT STR® can be connected to different cell retention devices, to retain viable cells in culture for increased space-time yields or to remove sensitive proteins for immediate purification.The best-in-class O2 transfer, achieved through our innovative sparging solutions and excellent mixing, reduces foaming and hence the risk for pressure built-up. High-cell densities can be achieved and maintained over extended periods of time.
    • The unique ease-of use concept of the BIOSTAT STR® covers all aspects of bioreactor operation including bioreactor control: Intuitive and comfortable screen interface Plug and play integration into third party SCADA (e.g. DeltaVTM)Large doors and installation robot for fast and straightforward installation of the bag Large sensor windows for easy access to lateral ports and sensors
    • Cell Growth and Robustness Flexsafe® bags are a member of the bioprocessing bag family with optimized resin formulation and minimized additive package. The complete control of the raw materials, the extrusion process and the bag assembly guarantees consistent lot-to-lot cell growth performance. The thickness, strength and flexibility of the polyethylene film enhances the mechanical robustness of Flexsafe® - making it ideal for all bioprocessing applications.