BIOSTAT® RM TX & Flexsafe® RM TX Bags

The Ideal Combination for Your Cells 

The BIOSTAT® RM TX system consists of an automated control unit and a rocking platform, for gently agitating a single-use Flexsafe® RM bag. Enabling the ex vivo expansion of patient-specific T cells or other types of immune cells, the BIOSTAT® RM TX is suitable for process development, as well as for the expansion of relevant cell numbers. Fed-batch, perfusion processes or a combination of culture modes are all possible with this system.

Single-Use Bioreactors / BIOSTAT® RM TX & Flexsafe® RM TX Bags / Sartorius

    • Proven industry leading Flexsafe® RM TX film that supports consistent cell growth
    • Closed system for minimal contamination risk
    • Unique gravity harvesting for maximizing cell recovery
    • Advanced, automated system for walkaway monitoring and control of the cell culture including online biomass
    • Proven rocking motion platform for optimal cell growth