Signum® Complete Scales

Signum® is the compact solution for numerous industries. Within everyday weighing applications, the bench scale stands out thanks to its short measurement times, flexibility and safety. Depending on the application, the weight indicator can be set up independently from the location of the platform and can even be mounted on a stand. Supreme, Advanced or Regular models are available depending on the level of precision required

Signum® Complete Scale / Minebea Intec

    • The Signum is extremely rugged and resistant, and adapts perfectly to any ambient conditions in an industrial environment
    • Compact scale built as custom
    • Available in three indicator models - 6, 14 or 17 keys
    • Available in three weighing technologies - load cell, mechatronic or monolithic
    • Resolution 35,000 d to 350,000 d
    • Built-in motorized calibration weight (Signum Supreme)
    • RS-232 output
    • IP65