Sieving Machine AIR SIZER 200

The new Air Sizer 200 is ideal for sieving very fine dry particles, which require efficient dispersion and desagglomeration via air jet technology (e.g. electrostatic material). 

It is also the perfect instrument to quickly provide a sieve cut of powdered materials.


Sieving Machine AIR SIZER 200 / Endecotts

    • Advanced air jet technology for fine particles, usable for dry material 20 µm upwards
    • Adjustable nozzle speed, 5 - 55 rpm
    • Extremely efficient & fast sieving times
    • Sieving action keeps apertures clear
    • Air flow fluidises and helps to separate sample
    • Ideal for electrostatic materials
    • Pre-filter unit & industrial vacuum available as accessories
    • Maintenance-free