Sieve Shaker TITAN 450

The name says it all: The new Titan 450 is Endecotts' most powerful sieve shaker! It is built for large sieve diameters and can take up to 7 x 450 mm diameter test sieves! 

The Endecotts Titan 450 is a vibrating shaker that is used to carry out sieve tests in conjunction with sieve stacks for particle sizing of various material samples. It is based on an electromagnetic drive, with special carbon fibre springs that are set at a calculated angle to provide a horizontal twist, as well as a vertical movement to carry out efficient sieve tests. 

The Titan 450 has a remote control unit that houses a digital controller to vary the vibration, process time and intermittent settings.

Sieve Shaker / TITAN 450 / Endecotts

    • Electromagnetic drive for quiet and virtually maintenance free operation
    • Easily set to maximum efficiency
    • Digital controls for easy and reliable operation via external interface
    • Economical
    • No mechanical moving parts
    • Suitable for wet or dry sieving