Sieve Shaker EFL 300

The new Sieve Shaker EFL 300 combines the best features of the EFL2 whilst incorporating modern sieve shaker technology.

The EFL 300 is still extremely robust but at the same time lightweight and more powerful than its predecessor - heavier and larger samples can now be sieved. 

The sieve shaker EFL 300 is very versatile. Amplitude setting is now standard. The heavy electric motor is replaced by the electromagnetic system found in all modern sieve shakers. Its lighter form means that it can be either floor standing or even bench mounted making it suitable for both, laboratory and industrial environments. Sieving parameters are set by the remote control unit. Its functions are logical and very simple to operate.

Sieve Shaker / EFL 300 / Endecotts

    • New electromagnetic drive
    • Adjustable amplitude
    • Floor or table mounted
    • Suitable for wet or dry sieving
    • Digital controls for easy and reliable operation via external interface
    • Economical