V1933-01 - SICCO Super-Maxi 2-Exsikkator, PMMA

Aluminum frame with panels made of acrylic glass, two compartments and two doors, including four shelves made of stainless steel, two trays, two hygrometers and hose (2 x 5 m) with four quick couplings for gas filling, four casters, usable with up to 8 shelves per compartment.


Panels: clear
Material: PMMA
Temperature resistance: from -20°C to +70°C
Use: normal pressure
Stand: casters


SICCO Super-Maxi 2-Exsikkator, PMMA / V1933-01 / SICCO

    • Reinforced aluminium frame with acrylic panels
    • Door with magnetic catch, circular rubber seal
    • Extra big electronic hygrometer
    • Variable height shelves 
    • Two connections for gas filling including quick couplings with self-sealing valves and hose
    • Telescopic shelves