V1910-07 - SICCO Star-Exsikkator Antistatik, PC ESD

Aluminium frame with static disipative panels made of polycarbonate, including four aluminium shelves, tray, hygrometer and desiccant, usable with up to 26 shelves, stackable. All materials used can discharge electrostatic charging by means of a grounding cable which can be connected on the back side (connecting thread M 6).


Temperature resistance: from -20°C to +70°C
Use: normal pressure
Stand: rubber feet
Material: PC ESD
Panels: bluish


SICCO Star-Exsikkator Antistatik, PC ESD / V1910-07 / SICCO

    • Reinforced aluminum frame with panels made of antistatic polycarbonate
    • Door with magnetic catch and circular rubber seal
    • Nonslip rubber feet 
    • Easy to read electronic hygrometer
    • Variable height shelves made of aluminum 
    • Telescopic shelves
    • Connection for grounding cable
    • Tray for desiccant
    • Silica gel included