Semi Automatix Disintegration tester.

Easy user interface, soft-start feature and magnetic coupling baskets. Semi-Automatic disintegration tester with one station.


Semi Automatic Disintegration tester / Charles Ischi AG

  • The tablet disintegration tester offers user-friendliness in a tried-and-tested design.

    Opt for the manual DISI-M disintegration tester as a cost-effective alternative to the automatic DISI-A model.

    The DISI-M fulfils all EP/USP requirements.

    A few quick steps is all it takes to dismantle the testing baskets ready for cleaning. The basket assembly is extremely robust. It can be easily disassembled and even be fully submerged into a cleaning bath.

    As each station is powered separately, you can test up to four different products at the same time. The softstart function ensures that the testing basket is immersed in a controlled manner.



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