SSA D – Secure Seal Analyzer

(Standard Model) (Leak test apparatus / Bubble point)

AT2E SSA-D secure seal analyzer is for testing the secure seal performance of products. With AT2E patent needle, it makes the installation and piercing very quick and easy in any medium. By vacuum technology and special design, the needle uses a function of self-holding on the tested products. However, the SSA-D can be compatible with using the needle of the classic Secure Seal Tester (typical screwed needle). It’s stainless steel design makes it resistant of any explosion during the test and ensures the safety of the operator.


SSA-D is equipped with a touching screen. It‘s visual and easy to operate. Adjustable pressure and holding time stage setting meets different test requests of various products.

Secure Seal Analyzer / SSA D /AT2E

    • Measuring range: 0 to16.00bar 
    • Resolution: 0.01 bar
    • Tests on bottles, cans and performs
    • AT2E patent special needle
    • Touching screen display
    • Units:bar /Psi
    • Stainless steel secured device
    • The setting of the level of pressure (regulator)
    • 2 stages of pressure and holding time setting
    • Resistant to explosions 
    • Setting maximum pressure: 16 bar
    • Compatible with typically screwed needles
    • 5-8 bar pressure source for the vacuum function
    • 0-16 bar pressure source for testing