Model S-1 is a perfect solution for your R&D of seamless capsule, even with just one single machine. Seamless capsules, a type of soft capsule, are made by utilizing the principle of interfacial tension of liquid. The capsules consist of one single shape - sphere, due to their method of manufacture, but literally, they are “seamless,” since they have no sealing line on their surface. A seamless capsule can preserve the active ingredient of its contents until just before use, and prevent the content’s odor from leaking out. Furthermore, unlike other types of capsules, a seamless capsule can be produced using more various kinds of material such as gelatin, agar, or vegetable material.

Seamless Capsule Machine / S-1 / Cube Gel

    • No shell material waste. (Wastage: Approx. 2%)
    • Can be used in various industries. (cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical)
    • Can prevent the content’s odor from leaking out of the shell.
    • Low-noise design.
    • Compact design for narrow spaces.
    • Product-contact parts conforming to current GMP material standards.
    • PLC control with an easy-to-use touch-screen monitor.
    • The machine can be manufactured to be equipped with 2~6 nozzles, for commercial production purpose.