SoftGroup® SaTT RU Hub Gateway

provides a connection between the Site level and IS MDLP (Chestny ZNAK track & trace digital system) allowing an exchange of information about each product. The application allows MAHs, Manufacturers and Parallel Importers to upload the product information, to request and receive the cryptographic protection (crypto key and crypto signature for each serial number) and to report serialization and aggregation numbers (SNs & SSCCs) to IS MDLP, concerning the Decree № 1556 and № 1118. The system supports all possible statuses and functionality, required by MDLP. This data exchange is realized by using web services.

RU Hub Gateway / SoftGroup

    • Commission / Decommission unit/multi pack
    • Aggregation / Deaggregation / Relabelling (Reaggregation)
    • Quality shipment / QC Release
    • Shipment / Receipt / Transfer
    • Import / Export
    • Withdrawal / Recall
    • Destruction / Move Destruction
    • Processing / Query result
    • Notifications (receive/move order, move owner, refusal sender/receiver, retail)