Robot Systems

Robot systems for mass comparison of reference weights and test weights. The fully automated mass comparator simplifies work in the mass laboratory. This enables complete sets of mass standards and test weights to be measured efficiently within the shortest time possible. The weighing mode is entered on the PC, the number of comparison cycles is defined and a direct 1:1 mass comparison or subdivision (dissemination of mass for class E1 weights) is initiated by the robot system.

Robot systems for mass comparison / Sartorius

    • The comb-type grippers accommodate a group of up to four weights
    • The grippers simultaneously place weight groups on the weighing pan, thus ensuring quick changes of reference and test weight combinations on the mass comparator
    • Direct 1:1 mass comparison and mass dissemination of class E1 weights is possible
    • Prior to mass comparison, the robot automatically selects and prepares the groups of weights required for dissemination of mass
    • The weight grippers are designed so that any weight shapes, such as wire and leaf weights as well as knob, cylindrical and disk weights can be handled efficiently
    • overlapping electrical weighing ranges
    • PC inclusive