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DV3T Touch Screen Rheometer

Our sophisticated, yet affordable rheometer, combines comprehensive viscosity testing with yield stress measurement capabilities. With a convenient touch screen and many other features, it's obvious that the DV3T offers the most advanced user experience in viscosity testing and measurement at a much lower cost than other rheometers in its class.

A 7-inch full-color touch screen conveniently displays all test parameters along with measured values for yield stress, viscosity, and temperature. On screen graphing shows real-time test data which can be captured in stand-alone mode, recorded on a printer or sent to a PC. Built-in math models, such as Power Law, can provide rapid data analysis for flow index and other selectable variables. Quick, straight-forward, single point viscosity is also easily accomplished with the DV3T making it the ideal "all-in-one" instrument for busy QC labs as well as demanding R&D departments doing comprehensive flow behavior. 

Rheometers / DV3T Touch Screen Rheometer / Brookfield

    • 7-inch full color, touch screen display supports multiple languages
    • Displayed info includes: viscosity (cP/mP·s), temperature (°C/°F), shear rate/stress, % torque, spindle/speed, step program status, math model calculations
    • Enhanced Security with customizable user access, date/time stamp file, password access, portable log-in settings
    • Built-In options include math modeling, yield tests, timed tests, data averaging, programmable QC limits/alarms, customizable speed/spindle lists, on screen data comparison
    • Auto range shows maximum viscosity measured with any spindle/speed combination
    • Analyze characteristics such as yield stress, flow curves, leveling and recovery
    • Integrated temperature control with connection to a Brookfield TC series bath and AP Controller
    • USB PC interface provides optional computer control and automatic data gathering capability (included)
    • Download custom test programs with included PG Flash software
    • Front-facing bubble level for convenient viewing
    • Built-in temperature probe
    • Accuracy of ±1.0% of range with displayed test data
    • Repeatability of ±0.2%
    • NIST traceable viscosity standards available

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