Refractometer DR6300-TF for fully automatic sample feeding

Maximum efficiency with automation

The DR6000-TF models with flow-through measuring cell enable fully automatic operation in combination with the drying unit, peristaltic pump, and autosampler. There are four model variants available for the different requirements for accuracy, resolution and measuring range, whereby the same operation and functionality can be accessed. 

Refractometer / Digital refractometers with automation / Kruess

    • For continuous measurements or series of measurements with high sample volumes
    • For low-viscous to slightly viscous samples
    • With highly accurate internal Peltier temperature control
    • Preinstalled and freely definable scales with conversions based on tables or formulas
    • Chemical-resistant materials such as measurement prism made of sapphire, measuring tray made of stainless steel
    • Intuitive operation via state-of-the-art touchscreen display
    • Complete data recording and backup including audit trail
    • Flexible data export
    • Compliance with global standards and norms


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