Pyorgen Testing Solution - PyroMon™

The PyroMon Pro offers a simple way to document product safety. The reports generated by the PyroMon Pro, documents that the products being used are in compliance with current regulations. There are numerous advantages to using an automated system, as it simplifies operating procedures, saves time and keeps costs under control.

Pyorgen Testing Solution / PyroMon™ / Ellab

    • Can be expanded to have up to 120 channels
    • A sample rate of 1 sec. to 24 hours
    • Displays process mode & real-time data as a table or graph
    • Preconfigured pharmacopoeias e.g. USP-NF, ph. EUR, JP, KP and BP
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / International GMP standards
    • Smart USB connector with ID and cold junction compensation
    • Fast and reliable data transmission
    • Built-in 8-hour battery