Sartolab® P20 Pressure Filters

The Sartolab® P20 is a pressure filtration unit for sterile filtration or clarification of media, aqueous solutions and solvent mixtures in batches ranging from 100 ml to 5 L. For media that contain sera and difficult-to-filter solutions, a Sartolab® P20 Plus unit with an incorporated glass fiber (GF) prefilter is available. 

Pressure Filters / Sartolab® P20 / Sartorius

    • Versatile: With or without binder-free glass fiber prefilter & choice of inlet connector, hose barb or luer lock.
    • Safe & Clean: Surfactant-free cellulose acetate membrane filter; Outlet side with a protective filling bell.
    • Safe & Fast: Polyethersulfone membrane filter; Broader chemical compatibility. 
    • Large & Fast: Polyethersulfone membrane filter with broader chemical compatibility 20 cm2 filter area, optimal flow path, and automatic venting.