nVision Pressure Calibrator

nVision Pressure Calibrator is an intrinsically safe, hand-held device for generating and recording pressure up to 8 Bar A (100 psi / 7 Bar R). It is accurate enough to replace a dead-weight tester and portable enough to complete pressure calibrations anywhere


The nVision records up 1 million data points at 10 readings per second from two modular sensor ports. Readings from either sensor have accuracy up to 0.025% of the indicated reading. Using both sensors, the nVision takes differential measurements at up to 0.05% of reading accuracy. All readings are fully temperature compensated, requiring no additional accuracy offsets for operating temperatures between -20°C to +50°C, and includes an accredited calibration certificate with test data at 5 different temperatures. During a test, the high-resolution LCD screen allows panning and zooming across any data set without pausing the recording.

The nVision runs on 4 AA alkaline batteries for 200 hours and weighs less than 1 kg. It is delivered completely with pump, software, aluminum protection suitcase, connection fittings and adaptor type 20003120

              Pressure Calibration / nVision Pressure Calibrator / Ellab

                • Ideal for field calibration purposes
                • Compact and maintenance free
                • Easy to setup and use
                • Covers pressure ranges for both TSP and EVP sensors


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