PPG-A, PPG-D – Preform Perpendicularity Gauge

The “PPG-A” and “PPG-D” are used to measure the perpendicularity (deviation) of the preform and it’s a standard equipment for PET and beverage industries.With special designed changing & clamping part, it can ensure the accurate measurement of different sizes of preform.Clamping support and calibration bar are corresponding to each diameter of preform opening. Please provide the detailed preform specification when ordering.It’s applicable for various sizes of the bottle with the special design of clamping and rotatory system. With an automatic calculator, data can be sent to the calculator and read easily. The MAX, MIN, and SAD (Sum of the absolute difference between “MAX” and “MIN”) values will be displayed on the calculator which is very convenient for the operator.


Preform Perpendicularity Gauge / PPG-A, PPG-D /AT2E

    • Sample range: by order
    • Resolution: 0.01 mm