The Flodex is a simple-to-use tool that helps you determine a reliable and repeatable flowability index over an arbitrary scale of 4 to 40 to use as a specification for your raw materials. This one simple test takes in account the numerous parameters that affect powder flowability such as particle size and shape, "fines," unit surface, actual and bulk density, porosity, settling, and electrostatic charge.

    Powder Flow Tester / Flodex / Teledyne Hanson

      • USP <1174> compliant
      • Allows for a simple repeatable index of flowability of powders
      • Easily operated by non-technically trained personnel
      • Enables flowability testing before the setup and filling of manufacturing equipment
      • Comes complete with a full set of disks for use with a variety of powder types
      • Includes a complete set of flow disks
      • Stainless steel loading funnel discharges electrostatic potential that builds up between particles of powder
      • Ideal for purchasing and quality assurance specifications
      • Avoids a high coefficient of variation in product uniformity
      • Accommodates a variety of powder types for use in manufacturing oral pharmaceutical dosage forms, coffee, and more!