FP4 Portable Flocculator

Portable flocculator that allows standard conditions to be adopted for jar test, that is the basic requirement for reproducible results. 

Portable Flocculator / FP4 / Velp

  • Standardized Control

    • Choice of 20-40-50-100-200 rpm stirring speeds
    • Selectable operating time for unattended operation
    • Reliable and repeatable results from VELP stirring quality
    • Precise speed from an electronically controlled DC gear motor


    • Designed to be used on-site for immediate results
    • Powered by dedicated battery or from car cigarette lighter

    Practical Advantages

    • 4 samples can be processed in parallel
    • Central light to facilitate reading
    • Stirring rods adjustable in height without tools

    Robust Design

    • Strong resistance to chemical and mechanical corrosion
    • Anti-skid base for stability