Polarimeter for laboratory and Training  P1000-LED

Indispensable for teaching and training

Our polarimeter P1000-LED is used by numerous companies and institutes for basic lab applications and training, for example, the experiment on saccharose inversion. It measures the optical rotation according to the half-shade principle, and the measurement results are read through an eyepiece and two noniuses. 

Polarimeter for laboratory and Training / P1000-LED / Kruess

    • Basic laboratory applications
    • Sample chamber for tubes with a length of up to 220 mm
    • Requires only little maintenance due to a high performance LED whose service life is up to 2000 times longer than that of conventional sodium discharge lamps
    • The scope of delivery includes two measurement tube (100 and 200 mm length) with a debubbler for the proper filling.
    • Can be validated due to the possibility of receiving quartz control plates for the calibration and adjustment.


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