VARIO®-SP chemistry diaphragm pump MD 1C VARIO-SP 

The three-stage MD 1 VARIO-SP diaphragm pump with its variable speed drive system attains significantly higher pumping speed and a better ultimate vacuum than the corresponding fixed speed pump. The brushless 24V DC motor (maintenance-free) enables easy integration of the pump into other equipment and operation independent of line voltage. The pump is particularly silent and vibration-free and has an outstanding lifetime of its diaphragms and valves. For exceptional chemical resistance of the pump´s internal flowpath, it is also available as a chemistry design version (MD 1C VARIO-SP).

OEM and built-in pumps / MD 1C VARIO-SP / Vacuubrand

    • contamination-free pumping and evacuation
    • high flow rate even near ultimate vacuum
    • VARIO®-SP = variable speed: Fast pump down at high motor speed, maintain vacuum with reduced motor speed
    • very powerful and extremely compact; whisper quiet and ultra-low vibration, especially at low speed
    • MD 1C VARIO-SP in chemistry design, with gas ballast valve and outstanding chemical resistance and superior vapor tolerance