Single-Use Multi-Parallel Bioreactor, Fully Automated for Accelerated Process Development

The ambr® 250 system is a high throughput, automated bioreactor system for process development with 12 or 24 fully featured single-use 100 – 250 mL mini bioreactors.

Multi-Parallel Bioreactors / ambr® 250 high throughput / Sartorius

    • Productivity ambr 250 dramatically improves productivity and enables full DoE experiments to be performed at a fraction of the cost and with higher throughput than can be done in traditional bench top reactors
    • Wide Range of Cell | Strain Conditions and Performance ambr 250 provides a highly parallel system to rapidly develop processes for clones or strains in bioreactors that have full individual control of culture conditions
    • Scalability Because the bioreactor vessels are geometrically similar to larger bioreactors, all processes on the system correlate empirically to those of larger bioreactors making for optimum scalability
    • Convenience With a fully automated liquid handler together with single-use bioreactors that are fully integrated to sensors, users no longer need to spend long hours in the lab, manipulating, cleaning or setting up.