High Throughput Automated Micro Bioreactor for High Density Fed Batch Strain Selection

ambr® 15 fermentation is a high throughput automated bioreactor system for 24 parallel microbial fermentations in a cost-effective 8 –12 mL micro bioreactor format.

It has a wide range of applications in:

  • Strain selection
  • Vector screening
  • Media and feed development
  • Early process optimization
  • QbD and DoE studies

Multi-Parallel Bioreactors / ambr® 15 fermentation / Sartorius

    • ambr® 15 fermentation is based on the gold standard ambr® 15 technology
    • It provides a consistent microscale model for early stage microbial screening experiments with fed-batch culture capability
    • It offers automated parallel processing and control of 24 bioreactor experiments by one operator
    • Designed to support high density culture through effective mixing, gassing and fast response to changes in culture parameters
    • Now available with integrated online biomass measurement for real-time continuous growth monitoring of microbial cultures
    • Online monitoring and closed-loop control of pH, DO and temperature for each bioreactor
    • Culture station control of impeller speed
    • Independent control of gas flow rates (N2, air and O2) for each bioreactor
    • Cascade DO control system for gas flow, stirrer speed and gas mixture
    • Automated liquid handling for bioreactor set-up, feeds, base addition and sampling
    • Software controls and monitors all experiments and records data and events