Microsart® @media Dishes

Microsart® @media are dishes pre-filled with different types of agar medium, sterile-packaged and ready to use. Together with the Microsart®@filter units, they introduce a brand-new agar and membrane transfer concept for microbial limit testing. The innovative, active lid of Microsart®@media allows touch-free membrane transfer from the Microsart® @filter base, and thus reduces the risk of secondary contamination to an absolute minimum.

Microsart® Media Dishes / Sartorius

    • Easy to Use

    Fits perfectly onto the Microsart® @filter base, thus permitting easy and reliable transfer of a membrane filter onto an agar medium. No force is needed to snap off the funnel from the base!

    • Safe and Reliable

    Touch-free membrane transfer rules out manipulation, minimizing major sources of secondary contamination. This results in the best growth conditions for reliable results.

    • Time-saving

    Innovative click-fit closure permits fast and easy removal of the funnel after filtration.

    • Designed for microbial limit testing according to the USP (Chapter <61>) and EP (Chapter 2.6.12)
    • Ensures efficient, advanced workflows in quality assurance laboratories