Microsart® e.motion Membrane Filters

Microsart® e.motion membrane filters for colony counting, particle testing and microscopy. The membrane filters, specifically designed for use in the Microsart® e.motion dispenser, are individually sterile-sealed in a format packaged on a pleated band, without protective paper. The special pleating of the band of membrane filters ensures that they are perfectly flat when dispensed. The membrane filters can also be used with Sartorius nutrient pad sets.


The Microsart® e.motion membrane filters are suitable for the use with the Microsart®e.motion dispenser. The filters are individually sterile-sealed on a band without any protective paper. The special pleating, as well as the shape of the sealing of the band of membrane filters, ensures a perfectly flat and uniform dispensing of the individual membrane filters.

The Microsart® e.motion membrane filters are also ideal for all users of the Sartorius Nutrient Pad Sets: most of the NPS types are available with Microsart® e.motion membrane filters. 

Microsart® e.motion Membrane Filters / Sartorius

    • Outstanding recovery rates for microorganisms
    • 0.45 µm are acc. to ISO 7704
    • Multi-fit: Fits into other dispensers
    • Protective paper-free
    • Packaged on a special pleated band
    • Product data is printed on individual envelopes
    • High flow membranes
    • Gamma irradiated, 25 kGray