Microsart® Combi.jet Laboratory Manifold

The Microsart® Combi.jet is a 2-branch manifold, made of high-grade stainless steel. The manifold has been specifically designed for the use together with the new Microsart® e.jet Transfer Pump (ISO 8199 compliant). The system is able to create sufficient vacuum for vacuum filtration concurrently transferring the filtered liquid directly to waste.

Microsart® Combi.jet and Microsart® e.jet can be easily connected and disassembled by the innovative Quick Connection technology.

Microsart® Combi.jet Laboratory Manifold / Sartorius

    • Compact Design

    The complete traditional equipment, such as connectors, tubes, suction flask, protection filter, Woulff’s bottle, and a vacuum pump, requires a lot of laboratory space and is time-consuming to operate and maintain. Microsart® Combi.jet reduces operating complexity due to its small and compact design. The Transfer Pump Microsart® e.jet fits visually and ergonomically into this design.