Melting point meter for semi-automatic measurements M3000

Semi-automatic measurement using 10x observation optics

The M3000 provides a fast and easy examination of powdery substances with a melting point up to 360 °C. Due to the triple capillary intake, it is possible to analyze three samples within one measurement run. Thanks to the preheating rate and the integrated fan cooling, fast measurements are possible in any temperature range. The display provides a well-arranged readout of all important measuring data. 

Melting point meter for semi-automatic measurements / M3000/ Kruess

    • Semi-automatic measurement
    • 3 capillary intakes
    • LCD-Display
    • Monitoring of the illuminated sample via lens
    • Fast cooling through integrated fan
    • Digital display of all important data
    • Display in German or English
    • With RS-232 interface for printer CBM910
    • Easy-to-clean membrane keypad
    • Includes protective cover and 100 capillaries
    • Small sample volume


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