Manual Mass Comparators

Manual Cubis® MCM mass comparators combine metrological expertise and integrated OIML R 111-1 workflows. A choice of 14 models is available with maximum capacities of 6 g to 64 kg and readabilities of 0.1 μg to 10 mg. Models with a draft shield are supplied standard with a built-in climate module equipped with sensors for temperature, humidity and air pressure (external climate module for models without a draft shield). All results are displayed with their measurement uncertainties.

Manual Mass Comparators / Sartorius

    • Complete mass standard laboratory in a single unit
    • Integrated climate sensors for recording all datarelevant for determining measurement uncertainty
    • Integrated workflow control for efficient anderror-free mass comparison
    • Fast measurement cycles according to the ABA, ABBA, AB1…BnA
    • Cubis® MSA color touch screen for fast and simple configuration of parameters and workflows
    • Sensor-equipped climate module integrated into the draft shield for recording the temperature, humidity and air pressure
    • Integrated calibration workflows for ABA, ABBA, AB1..BnA cycles to ensure efficient, error-free mass comparison- Fully integrated function for determining the measurement uncertainty in accordance with OIML and ASTM recommendations
    • Filters for optimal adaptation of the mass comparator to ambient conditions
    • Monolithic weighing technology
    • For display and evaluation, complete electronics and power supply separated from the weighing system to prevent heat from affecting the results
    • All MCM mass comparators featuring eccentric (off-center) load compensation for easy loading of weights without automatic centering
    • Additional applications for density determination, statistics and individual identifiers are integrated as standard programs
    • Built-in SD card slot for storage and transfer of all data and settings
    • Graphical level indicator for interactive user guidance during levelling
    • Easy logging of reference weight data
    • Continuous weighing range display: any weight between 0 g and the maximum capacity can be displayed
    • USB, RS-232C and Ethernet interface ports to integrate the mass comparator into networks or to enable it to communicate with external software via third-party protocols, standardized communication protocols or Web services