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A manual diffusion cell testing system, containing several vertical diffusion cells, will provide drug release-rate results for researchers and formulators in the pharmaceutical industry, for creams, gels, and ointments designed to be applied to the skin. Vertical diffusion cells can also be used in the release-rate evaluation of ophthalmics, cosmetics, skin care products, and pesticides. Manual diffusion systems typically contain six vertical diffusion cells with a cell drive, speed control, media replace beaker, circulating bath, and manual sampling syringe. The vertical diffusion cell assembly is a glass device with ports for sampling, media replacement, and water bath circulation. The top contains a donor area where the dosage wafer is placed under a glass disk. The membrane is located under the wafer and above the receptor solution contained in the center of the main portion of the vertical diffusion cell. A helix-shaped mixer and magnetic stirrer keep the receptor solution well mixed. A water jacket surrounds the receptor solution area to maintain the required temperature. The Hanson 6-Cell Manual Diffusion Test System is a startup vertical diffusion cell test system ideal for manual use and sampling. The system includes a 6-Cell Drive System, 6 Hanson Vertical Diffusion Cells (VDCs), a Jacketed Beaker for media replacement, and a Supply Kit that includes a manual sampling syringe and other parts to help run a test and manually sample. The 6-Cell Manual Diffusion Test System is adaptable for later addition of the Vision Microette autosampler.  

    Manual Diffusion System / Teledyne Hanson

      • Ideal for topical and transdermal drug delivery formulations, ophthalmics, cosmetics, skin care products, and pesticides
      • “Occluded” design seals the donor from air to minimize any back-diffusion from sampling
      • Water jacket covers the entire receptor chamber for temperature consistency
      • Bubble Trap catches bubbles before they enter VDC and affect the diffusion rate
      • Circulator ports provide connections to ensure cell-to-cell temperature uniformity
      • Shorter sampling port reduces dead volume
      • Clamp Assembly holds the cell top in place while providing even cell-top pressure
      • Purchase of a Hanson VDC includes Standard Cell Top and Clamp Assembly
      • Automated sampling capability with the Vision® Microette™ diffusion test system
      • USP <1724> compliant