Manual Case, Bundle and Pallet Aggregation Modules.

The SoftGroup® SaTT MCA / MBA / MPA is a manual aggregation machine. The scanning process of serialization and aggregation data is being performed one-by-one by a handheld barcode scanner. In addition to the main aggregation functionality, this model offers boxes and cartons decommissioning with the appropriate reason for it, as well as deaggregation and/or reaggregated

Manual Aggregation Machine / SoftGroup

    • Aggregation of the variety of sizes of the cartons and    without size limits of the case
    • Scan 1D and 2D Data Matrix barcodes
    • Print and verification of 2D Data Matrix codes and  human-readable part according to the EU and RU  requirements as well as GS1 standards
    • Reworking station application – possibility to check the  barcode string and to decommission the aggregation  number (SSCC) with the respective reason for the action
    • The highest quality of supplementing equipment
    • Large touchscreen display
    • User-friendly interface
    • Aggregation/eaggregation/reaggregation and  Decommissioning of labels at a case/ bundle/pallet  level
    • This module ensures various format flexibility of boxes
    • The software and hardware could be adapted according  to the requirements and standards for different markets  as Europe, Russia, CIS countries and Gulf Region