Vivaflow 50 Laboratory Cross Flow Cassette

100 ml - 3 l

  • Plug and play laboratory cross flow cassette
  • Modular - scalable to 6 units
  • Disposable
  • Optimal for aqueous sample concentration e.g. proteins and nanoparticles
  • High flow rate and recovery

Vivaflow® 50 is a disposable and ready-to-use crossflow cassette for filtration and concentration of samples from 100 ml to 3 l. The membrane surface per device is 50 cm2. One pack contains two devices and comes with all necessary accessories for running two devices with a laboratory pump and a size 16 pump head. For speeding up the concentration and increasing the volume throughput, six cassettes can be connected.

Optimally suited for applications like cell culture supernatant concentration, virus concentration, and water concentration e.g. in fish breeding facilities, this economical product offers a standard of ease of use, reliability, and flexibility unrivaled by any laboratory filtration system in the market. The thin-channel, flip-flow recirculation path of the modules provides high crossflow velocities with minimum pump speed requirements. A single 50 cm2 module typically reduces 500 ml to 15 ml in less than 50 min. Nearly total recovery of the concentrate is achieved with a single rinse. Up to six of the unique interlocking modules can be connected for easy scale-up resulting in a capacity of several liters. Vivaflow® 50 is intended for single use. All accessories for sample concentration, except a peristaltic pump with a pump head for size 16 tubing, are included in the package. A 500 ml sealed diafiltration reservoir can be added to the system for rapid and convenient buffer exchange. 

Laboratory Cross Flow Cassette / Vivaflow 50 / Sartorius

    • Choice of three different membranes
    • High retentate recovery > 90 %
    • Vertical membrane design for ultra-fast concentration
    • Universal rotor compatibility
    • Safe sample concentration due to dead-stop volume
    • Convenient concentrate recovery by pipetting
    • Optional re-spin for concentrate recovery
    • Volume graduation for easy reading/monitoring