RADWAG indicators and terminals in connection with weighing platforms form multifunctional laboratory balances and industrial scales operating in various ambient conditions. They can be divided by the criterion of resistance to ambient conditions and by offered functions and possibilities. 

RADWAG product range comprises unsophisticated indicators offering basic functions, and advanced terminals with functionality typical of industrial computers. These devices differ in terms of ingress protection class: from ABS housing designs with IP 43, to hermetic solutions made of stainless steel with IP 68/69.

Indicator / PUE C41H series / Radwag

    • Measuring units: [g], [kg], [N], [ct], [lb], [oz];
    • Automatic dosing: single and dual threshold;
    • Preparing mixtures according to set formulation;
    • Tarring in whole measuring range;
    • Automatic tare, tare memory, manual setting of tare mass;
    • +/- control of mass with set standard;
    • Percent setup with set standard;
    • Averaging of weighing result, digital filter;
    • Control of Power Supply from batteries;
    • Adjustable backlight on powering by battery;
    • Timer switch off;
    • Adjustable baud rate between 2400-115200bit/s;
    • Continuous data transmission through RS 232;
    • Manual or automatic mode for RS 232;
    • Weighing loads with switched off autozero function;
    • Measurement of maximum force influencing the weighing platform;
    • Measurement of force influencing the weighing platform in Newtons;
    • Control of start mass;
    • Slot for connecting an additional LCD display;
    • Totalizing mode;
    • Modular construction (depending on needs, electronic set is easily extended by additional modules installed inside the indicator housing